Thursday, October 11, 2007

Antioxidents and more!

You want varieties of anti-oxidants. You want the right proportion for them to work. Blueberries have almost all the varieties but it does not have them in high numbers.
As oxidizing agents, free oxygen radicals need anti-oxidant to neutralize the radicals so they don't turn into bad fat and cancer.

Before they form a seed, every plant forms 4 different kinds of protein at specific levels for each different grain. These proteins were meant to be stored and used by the plant in the future for propagation. These proteins are not regular proteins. They are stored proteins. The need to be sprouted to undo the proteins to amino acids so the amino acids can be consumed for their own use.

Humans have to either sprout a grain or ferment in an acidic environment to undo storage protein. Otherwise gluten can be reason for damage to the intestinal villi and the reason for almost all our diseases.

A lion can not eat grass to survive. Lion needs a converted storage protein. Otherwise it cannot survive. Zebra eats grass. Lion eats Zebra. Humans need to eat a protein that has been converted from a storage protein. Otherwise they need to eat sprouted or fermented grains.