Monday, May 7, 2007

Don't Ask the Question If You Don't Want the Answer!

We are being systematically deprived of our foods.

1) Our water is being bottled. This means our water quality is not satisfactory. And we pay extra for H2O. (and the bottles too) ;)

2) Our air quality is getting worse every year. This means pretty soon everybody will be wearing oxygen masks.

3) Our food is being degraded. Our bread is not our bread. Our meat is not our meat. Our eggs are not our eggs. This means more intestinal damage to our villi where our food is absorbed. Damage can come from the four different proteins that form gluten; fiber, almost all medications including coated aspirin; toxins, molds and chemicals. We pay for medication to help heal and we get in worse shape with many side effects.

Raw food is the beginning of life. However, eating raw fruits and vegetables is not enough. Foods need to be fermented.

This means:

Vegetables and fruits need to be juiced. The juicing will increase the numbers of microorganisms from a few hundred to a few billion per gram. Rice, olives and soy do not have the ability to sour; therefore no lactobacillus. They do have bacillus subtillis which alkalizes fermentation,and lacks the ability breakdown gluten and produce the needed B vitamins.

Today, more emphasis is being put on irradiating fruits and vegetables. This means that there will be no more friendly microorganisms feeding through the intestinal villi; Therefore no vitamins, minerals and nutrition.

Fight for you rights. Or lose raw foods and end up paying more financially for your foods, your health, and for drugs you may not need.

Sourdough has over 400 varieties of microorganisms that are mostly non-spore forming. All these microorganisms are exceptionally life-enhancing. Spores are shell forming, wake up at non-desirable times and produce toxins. Penicillin is a good example. If taken when sick, it will kill a specific set of bad organisms. If taken when healthy, it will produce toxins in the body. Beer is an example of this happening in food. Most beer is made out of bakers yeast. When bakers yeast multiply, they produce ochratoxins. That is why you get beer belly and fat. Sourdough that comes from a healthy mother and is allowed a long term fermentation process before baking gives you the best nutrition of any food, dead or alive. It also produces more vitamins and minerals that satisfy in a balanced form. Bezian Bakery is the only bakery on the planet that ferments the final dough up to a month before baking.

Your next best food will be RAW kefir. Not your bottled kefir you find in the supermarkets. Raw Kefir has more bifidobacteria, lactococcus lactis, and wild yeasts that give you the B-12 you need besides the B vitamins.

None of these claims are supported by the F.D.A. Do your research yourself and fight for your rights ; )

Feel free to post your comments. However, there's bread that needs to be bred ; ) I will respond back if I can.

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