Thursday, May 17, 2007

Your Bread is Not Your Bread!

When you eat grains or beans without fermentation, you're adding phytic acids from the surface of the grain that rob you of your minerals that exist within your body. That is why soy was not used until 240 years before Christ. They used seaweed along with soy to produce tofu so they could consume soy. Otherwise soy was used for nitrogen production for other plants in the Orient. The other nutrition is mainly the protein, vitamin E and the microorganisms that are heavily populated unter the bran. There is no food that is so perfect that one nation can say "We are better than you are becuase we eat such and such food". The protein in wheat, for instance, happens to be arranged in the wrong sequence of amino acids so that it turns into gluten with moisture so even though you are eating protein in someone else's bread, it's like eating poison with food. Think of eating good food mixed with glass and metal shavings. Even though you have good food you have trouble with it. The more you eat, the more damage you will be doing to your intestinal villi. Once you damage your villi, you may not heal for months and years. That is why it's not enough to eat good food. You should know what not to eat first before you learn what to eat.

Gluten is of four kinds. Think of egg whites being a good example. Microorganisms are in your small intestine. They need to swim and multiply. They cannot swim in an egg white solution because it's sticky. Hence, they are paralyzed and the gluten contributes to the damage of the intestinal villi. Afterwards, your villi start to absorb complete proteins and your body does not know where to put them in your blood. Your blood does not have the water, salt, alcohol and acid to remove the gluten. Hence, allergies and diseases!

Eating fermented foods should be your main nutrition. However, you are still hungry and/or drunk ; ) Eating our bread, you are still eating nutrition and satisfaction, and not drunk!

These claims are not backed by the F.D.A.

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