Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's definite that we are lacking B-12 in our diets.

So B12 - I've learned certain patterns. I've learned to eat in patterns. For instance, grapes happen to be an interesting one. When you choose the grape, you're allowing the yeast to break up the nutrition that's in the grape and what's not on the outside, and with the fermentation of the wild yeast you're getting the B12's, which gives you smartness. And that's how certain people have turned out to be Type A blood. It's the same think with Type B blood. Fermentation of milk involves at least three important microorganisms, and that's why Type B is smarter. And we know that hunters and gatherers have only eaten what they have found. they haven't settled and planted something and fermented it to get B vitamins. They got the B vitamins from raw meat like kidney and liver. And so that's how we have formed different blood types. So the ones that were introduced to the grapes happened to be lucky. Whether they know it or not, it has become a practice later on to ferment those foods, like making wine out of grape. Unfortunately, today, your wine is not wine so we can't prove that. Our statistics have been wrong choices. That's why I don't believe in statistics anymore. If it's not done the right way we might as well forget it.

Sourdough has been a lucky thing because it involves different types of microorganisms. And when it it is from the right choice, then you can have more of the B vitamins than any other fermentations. That's why not all bakers make good bread. They do not have the most desirable mother. That's why - every mother makes different babies - every mother, in this case, every starter, makes a different bread. That's why not all bakers make good bread. They don't have a good mother

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