Monday, January 7, 2008

How Grapes Ferment Themselves.

Question: So are you saying that the grapes, even if you don't have any yeast, will ferment themselves?

Jack: This is how it is. You take a grape. Then you allow it to become a raisin. You let it sit for a half a year and you eat the raisin. Nothing will help. It did not have fermentation. You're eating raisins. Okay, you get more anti-oxidents because more microbes multiply. the minute you juice your raisin, or your grape, you're allowing the outside wild yeast to enter the juice and multiply. That's when it starts producing nutrients, alcohol, acids, you name it, in a balanced form. That happens to be good food. We're not doing that anymore. Our wine is not our wine anymore. it hasn't gone through a must.

What makes lactic acid from lacto-bacillus? Sugar! There is no life without sugar. As long as we say, "Don't eat corn syrup because microorganisms can't eat it, neither should you." That's a different thing. If you're worried about chemicals in making sugar, how many pounds of sugar do we eat a day to worry about those chemicals? So I wouldn't worry about chemicals such as bleaching.

So microorganisms eat and deplete sugar. When the sugar's depleted, fermentation stops in a way. So in a grape case, they start eating all the fructose and all the rest of the sugars there. this is done with the help of the wild yeast. then some of the fermentation is being taken over by the lacto-bacillus that's in the grape. Hand-in-hand they break up most of the sugars.

So when you're fermenting, the must, in the beginning is sweet. Next it produces alcohol, and suddenly it turns into vinegar. In any case, it is good. When it's raw, then it's sweeter. then you have more live micro-organisms producing enzymatic activity which will be able to survive in your intestines (some of it) and cause good benefits. Later on, you have alcohol, which is also beneficial. If you're worried, if you're Muslim, or you don't want any alcohol or feed it to a baby, then it's very easy to boil and see that the alcohol will dissipate. You still get some of the benefits. In the end, it turns into vinegar. Vinegar's not bad. Every animal has acids in their stomach. You are helping your body have more acids hat way. Otherwise, your BODY will PRODUCE more acids and you may suffer because of it. You may even change the acidity of your blood and urine. What you eat and drink does not really change your blood pH. When you don;t supply those nutrients, that's when your body is forced to produce more of the acid.

When you have one lousy, wrong piece of information, you feel wrong, you're confused and you get distracted. I have such a hard time trying to change people from eating whole grains and non-acidic foods. People think that by eating whole-grains and not eating acidic foods, they're doing better, which is the reverse.

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