Thursday, January 31, 2008

From How To Make a Cherry Fermentation to........

Question: I Like eating cherries. How would I make that into a fermented beverage?

Jack: Usually, sweeter tasting fruits and vegetables will make a more pleasant fermentation. Different grapes make different musts, wines and vinegars. If the cherry is in season, it is a good time to juice them, ferment them and drink it at a stage when you like it. If you don't like the alcohol, you can aerate it, boil it and drink it later. persimmon happens to be a very good one. Carrits would also be good because they taste more like carrots when they are bitter. I tried celery which makes it taste like a savory herb. It's a different fermentation. Oranges don't make good fermentation. They don't taste as good. Blood orange happens to be an interesting one. It's not unpleasant. Try dates, for instance. Anything sweet will do better.

Question: Dan mentioned blackberries and raspberries, Can you ferment those?.

Jack: You can ferment anything. We've learned that the different nationalities have grape wine. There's Dutch berry wine, potato wine, berry wine, honey wine. You can do anything that way. Whatever's pleasant and you enjory is desirable.

Question: So with the berries, how would you ferment those? Would you puree them?

Jack: Just juice and allow at least 3-4 days with plenty of room in your bottle. Otherwise, you'll have a lot of spill. That's why you need more room in the bottle.

Question: So just puree it. Or juice it.

Jack; Puree it in a glass jar, not a plastic one. You don't want the alcohol to absorb the plastic polymers. They are soluble and bad for you.

Also, never drink pasteurized juices or milk. You will be piling on histamines and your body wil produce anti-histamines. You will then start getting allergies and asthma.

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