Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Micro-organisms and more!

When you're seriously doing a sourdough mother starter and you understand what's going on, almost all your foods have good micro-organisms, maybe some bad ones, and toxin producing organisms....like molds or yeasts that produce toxins, or toxins produced by certain micro-organisms. So if you do research on seed sour you may understand a little bit. Germans have used a lot of seedsour in their sourdough production. They add a lot of water and a little flour so the micro-organisms start swimming and multiplying, meaning almost everything that's in the food will come out.

Then you understand what goes on. Then you realize that good foods also have bad things in them that can multiply when they're not acidic. For instance, when you put small amounts of flour in lots of water, let it sit. Three or four days later that thing will stink like you wouldn't believe. Because molds will grow, baker's yeast will grow. lactobacillus will grow, many varieties of wild yeast will grow. You name it, it will grow in there. And it is the enteric bacteria that will grow. This is not good. But the reasons why Germans use that in making their sourdough is that enteric bacterium is high in enzymatic activity and breaks down the starch. So when their adding sourdough to the flour to make bread and they add the seedsour, they're adding enteric bacterium and other things that break up the starch so more sugars are available because the whole thing is not soured yet. Enteric bacteria works for a while, then some of the other micro-organisms will give you toxins. that's why I don't believe in using seedsour. It's not a good method. But you should learn that there's a lot of toxins or molds growing in all your food. You can do this with rye, you can use this with any food. You can probably see this in grapes. When you leave strawberries out, two or three days later you see a mold. So there's mold everywhere, and it can grow. And when you're eating regular fod, it will go into your colon and multiply, so you're never detoxifying yourself. You continually have to eat herbs, strong herbs like Indian food. That's how they toxify regularly. And today, when you eat strong amounts of known spices, like tumeric is one, ginger is one that they use, strong cumin, coriander - all these in big amounts can detox certain organisms. At first, wen you try one kind, you wil detox in a powerful way and then a blend will help it so don't get them growing again. In the beginning, you want one kind only, not different kinds.

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